I’m Meaghan Stevenson the Social Media guru and blogger behind TheBlogAvenue a business, blogging, and social media resource for creative coaches and infopreneurs

I’ve always wanted to be entrepreneurship and work for my self and have the freedom I’ve always dreamed of, although I wasn’t always so crazy about it. From the get go when I started working I never was really into helping other business grow their dreams and not mine.

But here I am with over 4 years of successful blogging owning and running, I’m NOW offering coaching and consulting packages, free PDF’s, Mini E-courses, and full E-courses to share tips and insights from the past 4 years.

I’ve come to realize that many business owners don’t plan to go into business at the outset; they usually have a passion or talent that leads them there. Mine was a love for social media and the interaction it provided. As a kid I always loved computers and had a fascination for all social media platforms all at once. With a Business -Sales/ Marketing diploma I’m now putting it to work as well as my social media & blogging skills to help you.. my audience! I started http://www.ThisGirlBeauty.com back in July of 2012 and the blog has been a great creative outlet for me and to test myself and push to see how well I can do.

My interest in entrepreneurship and my passion for helping other creative business owners has grown, and it’s transformed my business. What started as a hobby blog has now become a resource for creative entrepreneurs and beauty bloggers through my blog, I’m offering newsletter, e-courses, and Social media coaching services.

Many of you who have stopped by my beauty blog started with a passion or an interest within your industry and have found your way into business and blogging. My hope is that everyone who visits my new Blogging site will walk away with useful tools that help them build a successful blog and business, whether it’s through a post in the archives or a free PDF file + worksheets, or an e-course that will be released in the near Future!


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