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Pump Up Pinterest


NEW Pinterest E COURSE For Bloggers!  



-Coaching & Strategy Sessions Available 


::Start by sorting through your analytics on your blog or website & see what’s already getting a good amount of traffic and go from there. Think how would these blog posts benefit from being on pinterest. This step will take only a few minutes, also if you have a pinterest account already set up and have gone ahead and got the business account with analytics and you can see what’s getting traffic & what’s not.
::Find older blog posts that aren’t getting much traffic & create an infographic for them using canva and then pin that to one of  your Pinterest boards & also on group boards for even more exposure. If you find that you get some traffic to the older blog posts but not that often & think they are worthy of being promoted on Pinterest. It doesn’t matter how much traffic they get if you can create nice and pin worth graphics & encourage people to share it to their Pinterest too! See how this could worth & the blog post go viral.

Super Organized: Put all the url’s in a spreadsheet or in google docs to make your life simplier!

::Now for the fun part if you like designing then you can using photoshop Or Canva (if your not tech savvy like me) Try also using sites like for free stock photo’s to use as HD pictures are always better looking in blog posts. If you’re crafty you can create graphics that explain the entire blog post & some may even just look at the picture as people seem to be more visual than text oriented.

::When you have all the blog posts you’re going to be pinning , create a vertical image for each post that relates to the post. Whether you use solid colors or pictures it’s up to you, be sure to use text overlay.

EXCITING NEWS : NEW Pinterest E-Course For Bloggers – AVAILABLE FOR $79 –

This Price Won’t Last Long – Content Will Be Uploaded Weekly!

3 Modules + Bonuses

Price Goes Up Next Sunday @ 11:59PM EST




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