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Case Study : 0-30K In Under 3 Months

Case study : from 0-30K in 4 months


Started using it for recipes

Everyone will most likely start using pinterest to search for recipes, it’s easy as you can narrow down your search from millions of articles down to the exact recipe you want. Sweet eh!


It’s how I started using pinterest as It was in the summer and was hunting down some homemade iced coffee recipes and wanted something quick and easy.  I found out is was the best search engine ever! I think I spent about 2.5 hours on the website looking at pins and recipes and thinking.. Wow. this has everything.. From home decor, to baby stuff , to clothing styles… BUT did I need another platform to be on.. NOPE.

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At that point I only wanted to use it to look up recipes fast instead of google,  no offence google but pinterest takes the cake … literally!


Realize the potential of it

All platforms have different ways of being used for online & offline businesses, twitter is short and what some call “micro blogging” so it is short and to the point messages and or posts with links directly people to a blog post or your website.

Course PRE SALE – Pump Up Pinterest 

Pinterest started as a women dominate platform BUT now things have changed and male oriented brands are realizing the potential of having their brand on pinterest and it can work in their favour as you can females may come across their brand and think of purchasing for their spouses.  People are on pinterest with the intent to buy something…



If a female is looking at home decor items on pinterest she is more than likely thinking of purchasing those items or one of them. As with pinterest you can narrow down exactly what you’re looking for in terms of colors, household items, room sizes, etc.


My audience was here

Most bloggers are looking for their audience on the wrong platform OR they just don’t know where they are as that was my problem when I first started blogging 5 years ago. I soon found that my audience for the blog I had been running was all over pinterest daily & also my current blog that I have now as a business. Most people are on pinterest weekly now so more than likely you’ll be able to do some digging and your audience will be there.

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Find your Tribe .. many have asked me how I grew my monthly pinterest views from 5k to 30k in under 3 months.. Well I have an E-course for you that walks you through the EXACT strategy I put in place for my blog to triple my blog traffic!


HERE >  this Ecourse is in PRE SALE MODE right now as I’m gaging the interest for the ecourse.  


Finding your tribe on pinterest is easy as you can start creating boards that are related to your topic and then start searching for pins related to your niche and start pinning to your boards and also check out group boards to increase your blog’s exposure.


By growing a targeted following on pinterest your blog traffic is going to grow quicker , How ..?


Find successful people and brands in your niche and follow their followers

Look for successful boards related to your niche and follow their followers
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Used it regularly

As you are browsing on all the social platforms available you may find people are on the platforms daily which is what needs to happen. Some are trying to start up a blog or business ad get it going and to may be thinking how can I be everywhere all at once.


Trust me you don’t need to be!

Pick 2-3 max platforms where your ideal client may be & stick with it for 30 days .. 5 days week and a bit on the weekend if you can. The one’s that win with social media are the ones that are on it daily and are providing free content and value everyday. Is is hard to do.. Yea it can be overwhelming at times but it is a must as visibility & consistency are at the top in gaining some traction.


For pinterest I highly recommend using a pinterest scheduler such as “Buffer” as it is so handy to have pins being pinned around the clock and then you can reach different time zones and be in front of a much bigger audience which should be the goal. By being in front of your audience 24/7 it makes your traffic grow much faster and gives your brand more exposure, I suggest when you have time to sit down and go through and schedule pins to go out around the clock,which when I was implementing my strategy I didn’t do this to get to the 30K monthly views. I really wish I had because I would of had a lot more traffic.   


Realized the strategy for it

Some will say that deleting old pins helps your traffic personally I haven’t tried it or done it but It might be worth a try as Pinterest’s algorithm has changed and having fresher content up front could really boost your brand and monthly views.


If you’re serious about putting a strategy in place for pinterest I suggest planning it out and sticking to it!

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Started to use it daily & implement a strategy that I stuck with for 30 days and then another 30 days and that’s when I saw the 30K monthly views and thought ..well this isn’t just another social media platform to loe 4 hours to, I can spend about 15-20 minutes a day on it and schedule pins to go out and my traffic stays where it’s at.
When I drop off from it for a few days and don’t schedule I do notice a drop in traffic, so it is a platform that has to be kept up with.


Stick With A Solid Strategy!


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