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4 Reasons To Use Pinterest

Biggest platform/ now a search engine

Pinterest has been a #1 platform for about a year and a bit now as it is still super new to some people…. If you compare the number of people on it to the # of people on Facebook … Facebook outdoes Pinterest #’s wise.


Pinterest # – 100 million monthly Active users

Facebook # – 1.6 billion monthly Active users


But as a platform Pinterest is now considered a search engine. It started as a women dominate platform but men have been seeing the results of utilizing pinterest.

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The content that is posted on pinterest is curated by real people.. Not spam bots!


Do you find yourself looking for new home decor ideas or inspiration and or fun new recipes.. What do your fingers start typing? Pinterest!!  ** Count how many times I’ve said “pinterest” in this blog post.


I personally started by using pinterest for recipes only and told myself that I’d stick to having one board only… well that didn’t work out. Many boards later and 30,000 monthly views I’ve now realized Pinterest is a huge traffic driving platform for my blog and it is a fun and easy social platform to use.
Millions of articles posted each day


The number of articles that get pinned to multiple boards daily.. A lot!  Some people may not think of pinterest as a search engine but if you use it the way it could be used … the info you can find is amazing!  


There are many ways to gain some new inspiration from using pinterest to help brainstorm some ideas.


::Stuck on blog content creation check out pinterest

::Can’t find new infographics to create… pinterest!

::Need new info relating to your blog topics.. Pinterest!

::Home decor suffering.. Pinterest!

See my point!  Pinterest!!!

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The more times on blog post is pinned to multiple people’s boards the bigger the exposure it will reach. Aso the more followers you have that aren’t spam bots and are real accounts the better as the more traffic you can possibly have.
Promote your own brand to millions


Think of it this way that you can get your articles & your brand in front of millions of people so quickly it’s easily done. There are many opportunities to use pinterest to sky rocket your traffic to your blog which can turn into paying clients later on. Win Win


Check out some group boards that are related to your blog topic & niche and then you can start pinning to them which gives you more exposure. When you join group boards make sure you have a balance of curated and created content..


Don’t just spam with your content.

Try making friends too.. It’s not that difficult as pinterest has a messaging system that I highly recommend you utilize daily to connect with others worldwide.. Who knows maybe a project or blog collab will be in the works in the future. Don’t and I repeat don’t ask people to check out your pins or blog posts… etc .. make friends and make conversation or ask questions about their content.


If you want to pick up tons of traffic you will need to join group boards that are already active and are well engaged as that’s where the possibility of multiple people seeing your content and re-pinning it will be hanging out.  

Connect with others

Feeling introverted and don’t want to chit chat or even deal with people.. I hear yea.. As a true introvert who struggled with connecting with people i’ve found it easy to connect & relate to people online. Weird I know but sometimes.. People wear me out mentally and I need days to re charge myself.


Most people underestimate the power of commenting on popular pins and I don’t mean by spamming people and writing vague comments that aren’t sincere. Don’t end up in “pinterest Jail” or have your account suspended as Pinterest see too many comments as spam.  Big group boards have their downfall but also many benefits, as it all depends on engagement of the group.

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If everyone has joined in on a pinterest group but no one is actively using the board.. It’s pointless. But on the other hand if a group board is super active & people are pinning daily it could be hard for your content to be scene and you may need to pin multiple times a day.


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