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Want To Blog But Can’t Get Started?!?!!?

Are you stuck but can’t seem to get anywhere with a blog Or Are afraid to even start a blog as these days many companies are starting blogs for their customers to stay connected with.. Smart!

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Procrastination will kill a blog in its tracks! Don’t wait to start a blog as who knows what it could turn into in a year’s time. It does take hard work.. Yes I’m not going to lie but a blog of mine took me right to an event at fashion week.. WHY.. Because I put in the time and promoted it & worked hard on it.


My story on blogging


First a little bit about me as a blogger!


I started back in late 2011/ early 2012 but really got started with an actual blog that I had set up in 2012 and at first it was a complete hobby of mine. I was all over the place and had no clue what I was doing .. except It was a creative outlet for me to talk about makeup, fashion.. Etc.


As most would say you must love what you do, and at that point I loved it. It was about 2 years later that I realized it could turn into a full time income & job.. What!! Crazy right.. I could sit on my couch and watch netflix 24/7 & earn a nice income.. Did that Happen .. No.  But I’ve learned so much in the 5 years I’ve been blogging that I’ve now turned my experience & trial & errors over the last few years into a business as a coach for new bloggers & creative entrepreneurs.


Now as a blogger turned business coach (Yes I Still Blog As I Love Creating Content) I take on a limited number of clients monthly & get their blog going & help them realize the potential of what their blog as a business could be!  Blogging nowadays isn’t just about putting out content that you want to write about, it’s about writing content your potential customers need!


Interested in booking a discovery call?  Go Here >

Pick a topic you adore

Choosing a niche that can be super profitable is not an easy task, as sometimes things you want to write about and hope to turn into a business just aren’t all that Profitable! But don’t fear just yet .. there are ways around it and choosing a topic that can have branches off of it to earn an income can happen!   If you’re really stuck on what to blog about hit up “sumo me” and search your phrases and or words to use. This is key when your blog will show up in search engines before other blog articles.  


Stacey Roberts on Problogger says ““Something that seems present and that shines through in the blogs that I read and love is passion.”  


No point in writing about social media or entrepreneurship.. If you absolutely despise it. Right?!?!!


The worst thing that can happen is you start a blog and realize 2 months in.. your out of ideas because you really don’t love it. Blog about a topic or a few mini topics that you will never run out of ideas for.  Stuck on what to start a blog about ..


Start Here:

-What are your fav hobbies


-One topic that never gets boring at the dinner table

-What do you like to talk about on social media


Now if you have your blog topic/niche picked out now find a gap in that market’s niche… such as .. if you’re a blogger talking about having a new home & keeping up with it.. & other bloggers are completely forgetting a key point about it.. Use that as your leverage into the market. But you must do some research first too , to find out what you can use to get yourself in front of the right people to read your blog.


You have to find the “NEED” for that topic as people may not need to be wasting 15 minutes going through and reading your article.. We want to avoid that.  


Don’t just settle by putting out content for your blog & hope others read it.. That what most bloggers will do. Be Different! Learn to stand out from the crows & build yourself & your blog as a brand & an authority in your reader’s eyes.  By doing this you can leverage your audience later to make some awesome monthly incomes on products & services your audience’s need.


Plan out a content strategy


First & foremost figure out what your content marketing objectives are, if you don’t know this.. There is no point in continuing as  you’ll be all over the map. The goal is to be good at what you do via your content marketing strategy.

By knowing what type of content your business is best suited for is a plus, does the audience like video content or text? Youtube Or Periscope… etc..  Your content must set you apart from everyone else that has a similar business to you.


Will you post your content on twitter first Or email your list about a new blog post.. Then post to the world about it on social media. Be motivational in your marketing strategy without being salsy. Your objectives dictate your metrics, Which ever your trying to accomplish with your strategy make sure you measure it as accurately as you can.


Then by using the data & measuring of the data you’ll be able to see where you’re going wrong and also what’s working.  Make sure you understand your audience as you ARE NOT your audience. Target market research is your best thing to do right from the start, if you don’t pin down exactly who your audience is your technically speaking to no one, but if you know your ideal audience then you can push your content to those people specifically and the content will be exactly for them.. No wasting time here.


Create your pitch 


There are so many things to offer your audience that you can give them for free such as content upgades which can be a funnel that leads to a bigger e-course or coaching services.

There is a secret to creating products that sell like crazy.. I’ll reveal it here :

You NEVER create a product unless your audience has specifically said they want & need it, so you always pre-validate any idea you have. Its best to create an outline or brief summary of your idea for people to sign up on a landing page and then gage the interest by the number that sign up.


Head over to google forms or survey monkey and create a mini survey asking them what they really want within the product or survey you want to create. Give them a chance to answer and not just pick multiple choice as they can even help you create & expand on your idea even further. So Ask them what they want in relation to your idea & allow them to help you dive deeper into creating the product or service.
If no one responds to your idea or survey… no worries


Just return to the drawing board or tweak your idea to make sure it is something an ideal audience wants for sure!


Don’t be disappointed if your idea doesn’t go over well with your audience sometimes it can take some time to get some good quality feedback from people. It could be as simple as looking at your idea in a different way.  By now you should have collected a ton of data from gaging your audience’s interests .


Once you have your idea & a bunch of people who have confirmed by giving you their email address via a landing page, then you can go ahead and create it and even offer it to a limited amount of people.. Aka beta testers for a discounted price.  


The ultimate way to validate an idea is for people to pay you for an idea & an outline.. And that’s it.


Then you know people want what you have to offer.

Blogging in 2016 

Predicting the future is hard to do because it is unpredictable duhh but to prepare your blog for the future is something anyone can do and everyone should do. Staying ahead of the trends makes for your blog to be read before anyone else’s, when your already on top and everyone else is trailing behind you’ll be thankful you stayed ahead of the trends.


Market your OWN content

Times have changed and no one is just sticking up google adsense ads or CJ ads anymore, it is a new blogging world and Bloggers  creative coaches are the new infopreneurs of todays day and age. It seems as though E-courses and worksheets are more valuable then paying $25,000 for one year of college because people have much more broad variety of knowledge then a textbook.. ever heard the term .. “Street smarts, Textbook smarts”  well Bloggers more than likely have “street Smarts” which isn’t a certain set of smarts such as textbook stuff.

Not typical blogs

Not typical blogs anymore it is in your best interest to show what you have to offer in the form of worksheets,  templates, e-books, free PDF’s, and E-courses. In ad space on sidebars put your products on your website NOT someone else product, all these blogs popping up are looking more like business and not just fun hobby blogs. Of course there are those types of blogs out there but these aren’t the ones offering podcasts and products or services.

Build that email list – A newsletter is your driving force behind potential customers to purchase products/services you offer



Create a blog schedule aka a content calendar , there are many templates available  to download. Plan out a week’s worth or even 1 month of content titles that you can place them on a calendar and know when you have to have them done by. I’m not saying to go and create all the content at once but at least plan out your blog posts or your periscope titles.. Etc


Being an organized blogger equals more productivity & less overwhelm, when you’re organized your readers will understand & it will show thru to them. Even planning your social media posts around your blog content will be a win for you.


By planning out the posts you can make sure your new content will circulate at the right time & your main social media following will be the first to read it. Maybe even recommend it to their audience for a larger reach.


Are you a content creating machine? If so then by having blog posts pre-written you can schedule them with the platform you use to blog on.  Be consistent with your posting schedule your audience will love you even more.  


Consistency Wins


Don’t make these mistakes


When I land on a blog and I get a black background with white text.. I immediately click off as I’m so used to seeing a white background & dark text. It’s just common.  Some poeple may want the feel to come off as dark & creepy or something like that BUT most are just used to white. Stick with it!


If your sidebar is trying to sell me shit then I’m out…. Meaning not coming back to read your potentially awesome content. It is ok to have 1 ad in your sidebar BUT when it is cluttered and filled with ads.. It’s


::Waste of space – as you could have your own products/ services in your sidebar and be making actually money with it and not relying on ads to make some money with your blog. I teach ALL my coaching clients (which I mainly focus on bloggers) that in your sidebar should be all about you. What you have to offer!


Interested in boosting up your blog?

Let’s chat & book a discovery call IF you’re interested in 1:1 coaching!






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