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Want More Subscribers? Answer These Q’s!

If you follow the big time bloggers you see they get tons of traffic and make money online with their blog all while sitting in a computer chair and banging away on their keyboard. Or some are getting smart and don’t even type out their blog posts anymore… Hello Voice dictation.

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Yep bloggers are getting even more lazy.. Yet still can make a killing online.

You open your analytic’s and it’s just not what it should be, your getting some traffic but no subscribers… you may have to adjust something to get this blog earning an income for you.

With your content and info you provide for your blog visitors you want them to return and also share out your blog posts.. How do you get them to do that!?!!?

Give them incentives to do so… Such as content upgrades, freebies, guides.. How to’s… etc

If visitors arrive on your blog and then just leave.. Well obviously something is wrong.. It could be design, too many ads, layout, the content just doesn’t resonate with them enough to get them to browse around for a bit.

Most bloggers don’t know how to turn things around with their blog, they automatically just think it’s a design issue or they revamp their entire blog or they just want to blog about “popular” topics because they think that will get them traffic ,….wrong!

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Is this suited to me?

When readers land on your homepage they will immediately start avoiding ads.. The right side bar… so don’t have them there! You may use a pop up when they land on the blog about 5-10 seconds after they land on it. Also an exit pop up works too… don’t over crowd your blog with ads.. Instead use that space to sell your own products and services.. Much more profitable.

You may have an MBA and or even a PhD.. that doesn’t matter if your blog isn’t showing that you are the authority on your chosen topic. If your content and the look of your blog doesn’t draw someone in that is looking for that type of topic to read or learn about you’re basically SOL.

They won’t come back.

Don’t be vague with your blog topic or niche, the more specific the better as you’ll be reach people in search engines who are exactly looking for what you’ve got on your blog.


Vague examples : Blog about healthy food,

Specific : Blog about vegan healthy snacks for women under 50

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See the difference.

A Specific topic is better as people are searching for something specific… yes people do vague topic searches.. Such as “healthy eating” or yoga.. But there are so many ways to specify your niche and reach your exact targeted audience.. Cha-Ching.

Make sure your content is suited to someone.. NOT Everyone.

Is your blog clear on who it is for and what it has to offer?

Is your blog name confusing and or not related to your niche?

Does your subtitle or “hook” grab your reader’s attention and or push them away as it doesn’t have anything to do with your topic at all?



Useful OR Not Useful

If you want your readers to sit and actually take the time to get the most out of your content the key thing to do is make it worth their time to read it.

Throwing up a blog post with 500 words just to put out content is a waste of time on your part and on your audience’s part. I’d personally rather spend 10 minutes going thru a blog post that is about 5000 words and take notes and learn from it rather than just consuming content that isn’t worth my time.

By going into specific details on how to do what you’re writing about , give specific actionable tips and even add a content upgrade to grow your email list & or a helpful cheat sheet for the blog post.

Show social proof or any other form of proof for the topic you’re writing about or are trying to teach your audience.  Check out Buzzsumo for content ideas relating to your chosen blog post topic, and see what other bloggers are adding in their post & what they aren’t adding in.

Be super resourceful & useful when creating content for your audience as they only want the best, if you need to explain something. Try adding a bullet list to break down a point you’re trying to make even further. Small lists within a blog post are helpful as people can take the points and put them to work.

Give people a reason to keep reading and not just click off after the first paragraph, start the blog post with a question to get your readers thinking and keep them intrigued.

Final Q.


Can I rely on this info and use it to my benefit as it is free content for anyone who comes across it, There are many blogs on the same topic and you need to be different and stand out with your content. Whether you had a video to blog posts once a week or do a FB live or periscope to do a Q&A for anyone who has questions relating to the blog post.

You don’t need to be the expert on something, just a few steps ahead of people you are teaching.

No need for a PhD or an MBA.. or even to be officially trained in an area… your content is suppose to help people who are about 2 steps behind you as they are looking to get to where you are.

If a visitor mentally says yes to what they are reading they will be more likely to trust your content and spend more time on you blog… hello possible passive income.

Feel free to explain how you came to the info that you are stating in the blog post, people like to relate to others who are similar and have gone thru the same issues as them. Your content is different than anyone else’s as the way you explain your info is unique to you. By showing the way you came to that conclusion is validating that you know what your writing about.

Help people understand your content using a slide share presentation, live video , or any other way you can.


Be unique, Be you




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