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Why Email Lists Are Currency


Blogging has exploded in the last 10 years as you’ll notice popular blogs are pulling in anywhere from $30,000/ month to $100,000/month YES you read that right 6 figures a month … Ladies and gents this can be done. But first to get there you need readers aka a Kick ass audience …. How you get those people is another blog post another day ….. But today I’m going to explain to you why email lists can = some SERIOUS CASH FLOW ! 




Why Does your blog need an email list? In a world of growing social media industry it is a must to promote your blog and is an email way to reach a broad range of people by setting up a weekly newsletter to send to your email list. An email list is the easiest way to promote your blog to a list of people… if you have one already.

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Email can be called old fashioned but is a thing of today, everyone is creating email campaigns and bring in sales from those newsletters. Email is still the way of getting new products or services in front of readers and keep them interested in your business. Offering a freebie on your blog is a perfect way to collect email addresses but it can’t just be any freebie it has to be something good and that your audience wants or needs, something to build their trust and keep em coming back. Once you have them hooked on your freebie’s try offering a paid product or service and your almost guaranteed to bring in sales as long as it is an awesome product or a good coaching/consulting service.


Build up your community


It is key to build up your tribe or list of people , it may sound weird or over done but you must have a call to action on every page.  Most people over think or under estimate social media as a marketing tool as long as it is used properly. It does help to join FB groups that are related your niche , post about your business and post about your freebie or paid product/service and see if you get any hits from those groups.


Let me be honest that a thing of the past called : Forums and they aren’t dead, use them to your fullest advantage, there could be a lot of knowledgable people on their to help you grow your email list. Get involved in the conversations on those forums and don’t be spammy.

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Go to the next level

If your looking for a service to help you build your list, there are many some are easier to use then others start off with a favourite of mine called “Mailchimp” easy to use and is free up to 2000 subscribers, there are also Aweber which is popular and there is a free 30 day trial too. It’s only $29/month for 501-2500 subscribers, $49/month 2501-5000. Convert kit is another one that is for professional bloggers, for up to 5000 it is $79/month, for 10,000 subscribers $119/month.


Most of these email marketing services have automation features for you to release mini e-courses automatically when people sign up. simple All the convert kit plans include : Forms, courses, landing pages, automation features. But I will admit convert kit is a bit pricey and I’d go with Aweber first before convert kit. Don’t be afraid to optimize your website with email opt ins, in different spots and also on every page possible without being to spammy!


6 thoughts on “Why Email Lists Are Currency

  1. I have a blog that is almost six months old now but I only really became serious about in November. My SM growth is going really well however I need to spend time on my email list subscriptions. This post is a great starting point and reminder for me to get going. Thanks!

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