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Depth VS Width On Social Media

Nothing beats face to face video content as people like to see other people to interact with rather than just reading a bunch of text, and then move on. If you want to make something stick then you have to be consistent with it.. Right now that’s Periscope.



How to leverage it…


As Gary Vaynerchuck does the #AskGaryVee show and takes questions weekly and answered them personally and periscope can work the same way as it is a live broad casting platform for IOS & android devices. You could be anywhere in the world and all you need is your phone, your periscope account & wifi and your set to live stream.


As we are seeing with Facebook live streaming is becoming more popular through Facebook directly as they have come out with “Facebook Live”, I highly recommend you pick a video platform and jump on it.


Of course there is the obvious one.. Youtube


But not everyone has the time and or capabilities to sit and edit their videos, and not everyone wants to do that.. Time is money!


If your an online company and or even brick and mortar you have to have a video content strategy in place to win. Creating video content doesn’t have to be that difficult.. it could be as simple as a business owner jumping on periscope and answering Questions via the live broadcast.. Which is in real time.


Video is an ideal medium for story telling for your brand, a great way to tell what your brand is about and give it a more of a real feeling.


Lately this has been an on going topic as I’ve recently started using Periscope and realizing is that live broadcasting is very different then webinars!


Periscope = engagement & interacting = sales


With periscope you can jump on a live broadcast at anytime, and tweet it out that you are going live to answer your fans. Its the best form of face to face engagement right now.  Engagement is key with building an audience; you can’t just put out content and then ask people to buy your product or service right away.  By interacting with your targeted audience and you can create the engagement, which can equal sales.


Another form of video content is doing live workshops which is an hour + long teaching or can be spread over a few days and be a workshop for your audience. These workshops can be either paid or free, depending on the level on content, pdf’s, worksheets.. etc.


Webinars can be a huge platform for your business to build your list. By creating a workbook or worksheets prior to the webinar so people can get in the mindset of what your teaching on, it will pre-build the excitement and engagement for the webinar.


Webinars = teaching & list building =Sales


Caring more about depth with periscope, rather than width


A lot of online business owners seem to care more about numbers which is referred to as width, rather than focusing on the engagement level and interacting with the audience and providing free value to them before you ask for the sale.. Which is Depth.


Create the depth for your business first and watch the engagement and interacting skyrocket and then ask for the sale later once you have the audience built up.. Which is your width… Then your business becomes scalable.



One thought on “Depth VS Width On Social Media

  1. I want to do video – but I’m having a block. I have no idea how to go about it, what to say that doesn’t sound stupid, and frankly, I want to keep a certain look and feel to my brand — and I’m not sure that I can do that with video because I don’t have the experience to make it look good – you know? Any ideas?


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