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Did You Say That!!?!!?

If you have ever said I hate Pinterest or I just don’t get it then this mini E-course is for you. I see many business owners on pinterest trying to get the hang of it and I know there are many other platforms out there to try and focus on but if you’re an online business…. you NEED to be on Pinterest and if you’re stuck or just want to grow a blog or an online presence with Pinterest.. you in the right place!

Have you said ..

“ I don’t know how to use it?”

“It’s not working for me?”

“How do I drive traffic to my blog with Pinterest?”

“What is a Pinterest Strategy?”

FREE Pinterest Strategy Sheet : HERE 

Don’t quit just yet… please….. Pinterest has millions of people on the platform and it is well worth it to have your business be on it. If you don’t know where to start don’t panic yet this E-course is going to give you the blueprint for exactly that.

Depending on your industry but more than likely your ideal customer is on Pinterest. So many bloggers are reporting that Pinterest is in their top 3 traffic drivers for their blog or online business.

Even if your traffic or analytics from pinterest are nothing right now don’t worry because I am looking forward to helping you hit those high numbers in blog traffic.

Your Profile: Make It Awesome

Don’t just sign up to a platform and expect it to grow huge without some work.. that’s not how social media works. If you are just joining Pinterest that is great because you can follow this Mini E-course and set things up properly from the start.

First off Obviously let’s start from the beginning and your profile name should be your name if your branding yourself or it should be your business name.

Hopefully the name you want is available on Pinterest as you want your brand to stay similar across all the platforms you are visible on.. makes it much easier for your customers to recognize you and also new potential customers will know it’s you and it is credible.

FREE Pinterest Strategy Worksheets: HERE 

Please for the love of Pinterest don’t add numbers or silly things to your pinterest name as it looks silly and unprofessional.

If you are a larger company go for your company name to match other social media profiles.

Bonus Tip: If you can’t get your company name or business name brand yourself, as most people will connect your name with a certain business. Especially if you run the business it will look and make things easier for your customers to recognize as for example most brands are known for a name or logo or tag line.

Profile Image:

As with all social media platforms you need to have a certain size image or it will look pixelated and all stretched out or will be too small.

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