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From Blogger To Income Machine

If you don’t have a blog today, then you’re missing out on passive income. Basically make money while you sleep!



Who doesn’t like to make money while you sleep! Waking up with a full bank account is amazing, and it can all start from your blog!


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Simple steps to turn your blog into a money making machine for you, think again if you think you have to pump out content 5 days a week.. Wrong. It’s the complete opposite actually.

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Post Valuable content for your readers, no point in throwing up posts that are not worth their time reading it, and generally longer content get’s more people interested in reading it. As sometimes-short blog posts are filled with fluff and have no value to them.


Build A community AKA Your Tribe:


Write how you speak , so imagine your writing an email to someone or talking to someone. People will appreciate the blog post as they read it and feel it is directed at them. Makes it feel more personable. Keep your writing humanized and what I mean by that is don’t use big words that don’t make sense and if they don’t fit into the sentence.


Keep it simple and your readers will love you for it. Your tribe just wants the value out of the blog post, so actionable tips they can take or info they can use to build their business. Don’t be afraid to share stories about your self and your journey to how you got to where you are now.


As a blogger people like to know how and what made you build and grow your blog and the steps you took to achieve that. Stories can make the blog post feel more personable and funny even as you can share an inside view into your life without giving your readers a boring life story about your dog and cat fighting all the time.


Why not start a forum.. they can be engaging and make take some time to get going but can be an asset to any bloggers blog, if your looking to up the engagement on your blog invite people to join the forum and also ask and answer questions on it for an hour on a specific day and people will flock to it. Other bloggers who are just starting out will come and ask Questions & hope to get answers from you as an “expert”. I don’t mean you have to be an expert but people will view you as an expert.


Grow Your Platform:


If you think about it your blog is your FREEBIE To your potential customers and clients as in that all the content you put on it is free for them to consume. But anything above and beyond your blog ..they should pay for. Give your best content away for free and that builds trust in your readers mind. They know you are giving them top value for free… so YES they would pay for even more info.


Creating opt-in offers and checklists, and PDF’s that they can use for their blog or business will help you grow your list in an easy way too.


Streams Of Income: 


Some people say there is only 3 income streams to blogging… and technically they are right BUT there is many ways to make money blogging.


First I’ll start with the obvious: Google Adsense, this can make you a ton of money IF you have the traffic for it.. so if your hitting around 100,000 page views a month.. then I’d say this is a good idea for you.


Amazon affiliate program is where you get a commission if someone buys a product from an ad placed on your website.. so again you need a significant amount of traffic for this to be financially stable way of earning money.


A lot of bloggers are now phasing into consulting and coaching services to earn an even bigger revenue from their blog as their content resonates with what they are teach through their coaching programs.


Digital products are a great way to earn money but some digital products like e-books can take a generous amount of time to create and produce. Also you can’t forget about marketing it.. if you build it.. it will sell.. NOT true. You have to put in some effort into giving it exposure or it will just be a waste of a spot on your blog’s sidebar.


Some bloggers are even getting into speaking gigs.. such as Derek Halpern from social triggers, he was doing a bunch of consulting along side his blog to build up his brand and expose him and his blog to a greater audience.

12 thoughts on “From Blogger To Income Machine

  1. Bloggers unite!! I love the colors on your blog. Very entertaining article that has useful info. Hopefully in a few months my blog will be a money machine, but time will tell I guess.


  2. Just popping in from the Blog Loft! These are all great points! I am in the process of creating an additional website from my main blog Progression by Design, and both websites will be monetized differently! It is interesting how certain types of sites do better with certain types of monetization.

    Marie Huang
    Progression By Design


  3. Nice post here. I have also found that the blog can be a spring board for you to sell your own products such as paintings, or music if you happen to be of an artistic bent of mind. This is especially true when your audience develops trust in the quality of your work.


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