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Digital Product Launches Done The Right Way

Most entrepreneurs and infopreneurs do this completely wrong and then wonder why they aren’t growing their email list and why they don’t have any sales, well I’m here to say the 2 go hand in hand. This blog post will break down the walls your trying to climb over with getting started with Webinars for your business venture.  Lets Get This Party Started!!!

Digital Products Done The Right Way

First I’ll show you what your Probably doing wrong …but won’t admit it.. its ok well all gotta start somewhere


Most entrepreneurs are so focused on building up a product to launch to an audience.. but…. (Crickets) Have NO audience to launch that product or service to. Some even go as far as building something for 6 months and put so much time and effort into it an even some money and then…..


They start building up an audience while a profitable product is sitting on your hard drive.. Am I Right? Yesss I know I am. List building should start first because it is easy to “ Pre-sell” your idea to a bunch of people interested in something like what your creating. There isn’t a rush to have it done before you pre sell.. You can pre-sell anything really but also stay focused enough to have a deadline to launch that product or service. Once you get people excited and rope them in you go to deliver the goods.


Finally the last thing to do is… Launch … and nothing … Well thats because you reversed the above steps. You have no sales, no comments, no feedback.. Naddda,




The Right Way!


Pick a topic or have an idea ready that you want to pre-sell, this is where you build up interest in your potential product or service bundle your offering. It seems as if people are stuck on the fact that you must have a HUGE email list to pre-sell to.. NOT TRUE.


The idea of pre-selling is getting your audience built up and also excited about what your delivering in the near future to them. A suggested time to pre-sell is 30 days and in this time is when you do webinars, blog posts, affiliates.. feedback from certain people for advice on what to fix and or what to change. Have a set # of times your going to talk about your up coming product and do it strategically through blog posts, webinars, social media.. etc I recommend having a plan laid out to help with this, it’ll keep you on track and organized.


Within the 30 days of pre-selling it is in your best interest to have the product ready for launch and or almost done, you can’t keep your peeps waiting for too long before they become angry, impatient and upset with your brand. Also it is a good idea to have a product plan for the 30 days to keep your productivity going and creative juices flowing….  TMI? nahhhh


Now after the 30 days of pre-selling you either have great feedback and comments and all systems are go for a launch date.. OR it may be back to the drawing board to fix things. But the constructive criticism can be good for you to figure out where you went wrong because after all you are serving your customers with what they want.


So here it is broken down in the simplest terms:


-Pick a topic, product or service to “Pre-sell” – Create some buzz, do webinar(s)

-Pre-sell through webinar, social media, emails, blog posts.. etc

-Get feedback – don’t take it personally

-Launch to an Engaged and raving audience that is ready for your product or service!

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