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My Daily Schedule & How I Stay Productive

My Daily Schedule


When your family asks you “ so you’re an entrepreneur .. what do you do all day” and you sit and ponder your response… because you need to make it easy to understand and not sound like you don’t do much all day.. because everyone who runs their own business knows that we (entrepreneurs) work harder than anyone else… Why you ask.. because we are working to support ourselves and don’t have a steady income coming in.

With that being said I thought I’d share a sneak peak into my day and well everyday during the workweek…


8M-9AM – MUST GET OUT OF BED! Being an entrepreneur and working for yourself has its ups and downs but must I say waking up at whenever the HELL I want to.. is fabulous! Once I’m physically out of bed I wash my face, fix my curtains and make my bed. Now it’s time to head to the kitchen for some coffee or tea and food!


9-10am – Now that I’ve eaten and am not hangry and feeling somewhat awake it is time to check social media and emails. .typical I know. Somehow I find myself glued to instagram or scrolling through twitter… OHHH I’ve been hooked on a new app that brings all your social media stories to one spot .. it is called “ Nuzzel” and I can scroll through that and read the top trends in social media. Very Handy.  I’m actually very good at responding to tweets, emails, FB messages at this time..


10-12pm Gotta get shit started for the day! If I have something lengthy that I want to accomplish I will normally start it now and finish it later.. I know that’s bad because I lose the mental space I was in when I started it but sometimes I can bang out blog posts at this time.. and long ones too.. Also I’ve been more active in FB groups lately so this is also a time I have FB open and am checking it regularly and chatting to people as I get other business blog stuff done.  In this time is when I create graphics for my blog posts and or do some research if needed, I always try and publish blog posts for around 8am in the morning as I used to publish them later but I find it is best for more views to post early in the morning… 6am is even better and thank god for auto-scheduling.

12-1pm Lunch time! Now I normally take a mini break and whip something good up for lunch and I may even step out to go grab something to eat and make a quick stop at Starbucks for a Venti Latte!! P.S The Red cup Latte’s Are Back!!!

1-5pm Being productive : Which includes blog posts, research, social media campaigns, sometimes I can be super productive during these hours OR  I just can’t do anything and I’m useless. Sometimes I get in a cleaning mood and I just decide to clean the entire house.. byebye productivty. There are normally dinner plans in their somewhere and a lot of pinterest reseach for some yummy recipes.

5-7pm Dinner with the family is important for communication and knowing what is going on in each others lives. As everyone is so busy and I’m the only one at home all day I do get lonely so it is good to have family to talk to when they get home. Dinner is over by 7pm..

7pm-10pm Productivity ohh emmmm Gggg It might just be me but I seem to get a ton of blogging stuff done in these hours so I use them wisely. I don’t follow this schedule everyday but for the most part this is how my day goes. I normally get bursts of energy where I’m on a roll and am good to go and working hard… well banging away on my keys of my MacbookPro.

10pm-1am More Blogging and maybe some youtube videos and or netflix on my Ipad set up next to my macbook pro.. which is a distraction but oh well…. I still manage to get things done!  By 12-12:30 I do try and shut things down and get to bed as I have been getting much better at getting up around 8am and my day starts all over.


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