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Three Types Of Blogging Income

Ever wondered how bloggers can earn a 6 figure income ….. well today I’m going to break it down for you in simplest terms and also give you a quick preview on how to fulfill each of the three types of blogging income on your own blog.  Making a living blogging can be a full time job and can have great rewards, but it takes commitment and treating it as if it were a business to get there.


3 Types of blogging income


I’m going to show you the three types of blogging income ever blogger dreams of earning and how to do that, by now if your reading this post you probably have your blog set up and going and are trying to figure out this money making thing. You’ve come to the right place that’s for sure, First off I’m going to talk about Ad Revenue, which is a very common way of making some money from your blog. It’s been proven many times over that you don’t need 100,000 page views a month to be making money and a huge ass email list.. NOPE all you need is consistent content, a well laid out blog and a drive and passion for your blog. Treat it like a business!

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Ad Revenue


There are many ways of bringing in ad revenue and the most popular one is Google AdSense which you sign up for an account and then you allow Google to place ads on your blog in certain areas that’s deals with the niche of your blog and when people click on the ads you make money, this isn’t a surefire way to make money as this mostly requires a decent amount of traffic daily to your blog. But there are almost ad networks such as commission junction, ad thrive, amazon associates.. etc Joining any of these is free and will place ads on your blog for a potential income stream for you. As a blogger you don’t want to reply on one source of income, as it may not work out as you had planned. As I say the three types of blog income is a good way to bring in multiple streams of income instead of just one. 3 is better than 1


Affiliate Marketing


Next up on the list is Affiliate marketing which can be a good source of income if done properly, if you’re not sure what it is I can explain it. Affiliate marketing is when you sell a product for a company on your blog, so for example I’m an affiliate with Blue host web hosting & domain services, I place ad’s / banners on my website and within blog posts and when people click on them and buy through that affiliate link that’s when I would earn a commission and most affiliate links are marked with an * to let viewers know that is an affiliate link and some times discounts can be redeemed if you buy through a link on my blog. It’s Win Win


Product/Services Sales


Last but not least is product/services offered on your blog, which is the one I saved for last as It will be a longer explanation. To start off you may have seen a lot of bloggers offer coaching/consulting or eBooks, pdfs, workbooks.. etc Those are all ways to make money with a blog so basically digital products that can help your audience with growing their business is a big plus and can bring in a passive income. Most bloggers will pump out content and are afraid to offer their knowledge as services because they don’t feel confident in charging what they are worth. If your looking to make a profit from your blog you will need some form of an email list, it is a good idea to offer a freebie on your blog to have people sign up that way when you do offer a product you already have people to send it to.


A membership service on a blog is a great idea to keep a steady income flowing in, by having a library of pdf files that are accessible only by membership is an example. If you think you have a specific topic your very knowledgeable about then put it out there, start typing it in word documents and let the creativity flow. What’s the worst that can happen… you sell a few copies or it does really well and you have a pre-launch and an official launch and it does really well.


Earn 6 Figures in Sweatpants


Are you offering up an products/services on your blog?

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