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Getting Noticed Online: Why Your Social Media Presence Matters!

What is your social media or online presence missing? Every stop to think what can I do better or what haven’t I been doing? If your a small business owner or solopreneur.. Shoutout to Them!!! you know you MUST be on social media to build up your business but also let your potential customers know you are available to them.

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Also they don’t just want some fancy website .. they want to see you, know about you, see results you’ve had on the past and what you can offer them to better their business in the future.

There is so much you can do with your online presence because it is scalable and can be built up to a 5,6 or even 7 figure business in a matter of months. IF you Hustle hard and put in the work… #InspiredByTheHustle

Before I get into the nitty gritty of this blog post I want to say that the reason why I’m writing this post is because I believe most people don’t know how scalable social media is… and after all it is FREE so why not take advantage of something that can help your business grow daily and it is fairly easy to do.

Are there strategies that help people out and reach larger target markets or strategies and funnels in place to funnel people right down to the buy button? Sure.

As a Creative entrepreneur you have to utilize all the tools you can to make your online space scalable and build it properly.

If your not familiar with the term “Niche” then this blog post is going to inform you of what it is and WHY it is important to have one for your online small business.

“A distinct segment of a market.”

As a small business owner you must figure out who and what your targeting if you want to make some serious sales. With having a small online business if your audience is too broad you will make less sales than you think…  Most people will think that the broader the topic the more people that will fit into that area.. Wrong.. The smaller the amount of people that are interested  in that niche the better. Deciding on which specific segment your business fit’s in, will allow customers that will make bank for you.

“pertaining to or intended for a market niche; having specific appeal”

“a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing”


There is a reason why you started the business you did, by having some authority in your tone of voice and how you write is your personal authority for your business. Your audience will know your tone and they will either like it and be a repeat reader or customer as everyone writes differently and comes across in their copy.

Have a voice for your business  that will give you that distinction between you and others in your niche, some bloggers/ coaches like to add in a few swear words and some are more complacent in their writing. Style is the way in which something is written, as opposed to the meaning of what is written.  Your writing should have a piece of  your personality and how you voice your opinions on topics.


If you really think about it there are a million ways to engage with your audience and social media makes it that much easier to do so. It can be tough to be on social media 24/7 when everyone has lives of their own. I’m going to break down about 7ish ways to be more engaged with your audience and also how you can engage with them to make your time on social media more profitable in the end.

Let’s face it everyone likes a thank you .. or TY every once in a while… to show you appreciate their following you and taking the time to read some of your content you put out their. A little acknowledgement will go along way trust me on that one, just try it… Twitter has a new feature… you can reply to your followers via Video messaging. Now it is short videos you can create but it makes the experience more personal as if you are talking directly to them because in the end you are directing your response to them and it will make them feel good depending on the level of personalization.

Current Events 

We as humans are nosy and want to know everything that is going on around us and even in the lives of people we don’t know, give it a try by talking about current events going on around the world and engage with consumers and people who are taking about that topic as that will bring you up in more of the followers feeds.

Support A Cause 

Everyone has a cause they like and are involved with or one that they support openly, it makes your consumers of your content aware who you are supporting in the form of a good cause. Some of your followers may even connect and socialize with you because you support a cause close to their heart.

User Generated Content

So far the most convenient yet hardest way to get users engaged is to have them create content for you… now you ask .. how do you do this… Well it is called “User generated content for a reason”. By giving your audience a reason to create content for you it will make your brand more visible quicker to a larger audience. As the user generated content can be shared amongst tons of people not just your own network of people.

Curated Content

The next way is an easy way… I promise and it will gain you some serious followers too. It’s a Win, Win, Win …. When you curate content which means share other peoples content and also tag them in the post to social media it gains their attention that you have taken their knowledge into consideration enough to share their content to your network. By doing this you gain the chance you might get them to follow you and also gain some interest from their followers over to your accounts.  The more people you can get in front of and make them aware of your brand .. with out being spammy and pushy the better you for.


Most people on Social media like to ask Questions so why not gather some Questions from multiple platforms and answer them on one platform and let your audience know which platform you are answering their questions to help you build up that network. Whether you make a youtube Q&A to make it super personable and it will gain a lot of trust with your current audience and also anyone else who come across the content in video form… FACT: GEN Y will spend about $200 Billion dollars just being influenced by Video marketing by 2017… WOW

You can also do a Q&A on google hangouts and or a Twitter chat to answer peoples questions, also you can answer them on Facebook.. it may be time consuming but also a good way to bring an audience over to your page and create some engagement with the fan page for your business.


Running contests on social media is very popular now so since there are so many you must stand out in a unique way to bring in an audience and give them a reason to interact with your brand and participate in the contest and also even share it and drive more traffic around your brand and business. Think out side the box and create something that has’t been done and or reverse engineer what was been done and change it up.

Asking Questions to your audience 

If you want to know something from your audience just ask.. or put out a poll to get a more diversified answer and see what content your audience is craving from you. Audiences these days are visual people so feel free to add a picture or infographic to make it more fun for the audience to engage with and not just scroll past it.

Consistency Across all platforms will give your audience a sense of who you are instead of confusing them, Consistency is a key part of recognition and success. Use your company’s traditional logo or a variation of its design for each of your social profile pictures to maintain online brand recognition

If your a photographer or have picture off your own it is best to watermark your photos so no one else can use them without people seeing who actually took them. You after all deserve the credit for those photo’s, when writing blog posts and or other copy writing … keep all fonts and other aesthetics similar including colors. Keep your colors and branding related to the feeling of your business… limit to about 2-3 max different fonts on your blog or website.

Keep all profile pictures across multiple platforms similar and also you can find reusable templates to use to keep up with consistency and also try using Canva to design your images and the sizes are already set for you.. Bonus!

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We are seeing a huge increase in image content with text across the image… weather it be a message or a call to action. Most of the time the consumers of that content listen to that call to action or take note of the text across the picture. Give it a Try!

8 thoughts on “Getting Noticed Online: Why Your Social Media Presence Matters!

  1. Great Post! Like the tip about q&a, I really need to start engaging and interacting more with my few social media followers (I only have a small amount at the moment). I have tried this before but think I should be more consistant with it and try it again. Thanks for the inspiration. Poppy x


  2. Thanks for the tips! About the niche- on my blog, I have multiple things I want to talk about though… I blog photos, a little fashion, some inspiration…. but I still feel they are all somehow connected. If you get a chance, would you mind checking it out? Thanks 🙂 And thanks for the advice!

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