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The Truth About 6 Figure Blogging

Dreaming of earning a full time income from blogging isn’t unrealistic now days it is hard work but can be done in a few simple ways, if your wondering if I’m going to explain those to you.. Your Right!!!  The term 6 figure blogging income catches people because most people don’t make 6 figures at their 9-5 jobs now a days. Corporate 9-5 jobs are not fun and take up your entire life and yes I’m only 25 and have no intentions of “climbing the corporate ladder” to get to CEO or managing partner or something similar… nope I don’t want to work for anyone but myself, set my own hours , deal with my own issues and not have to rely on a company for a paycheque and only go on vacation for 2 weeks of the year… thats a shitty deal if you ask me.

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Like seriously what fun is it to work monday-friday and only have 2 days off to spend with your kids or clean your house… and normally your zonked from the work week so really all that stuff you had planned to do on the weekend goes out the window! I’ve seen what the corporate world can do to people and how it can ruin lives basically, I’m retiring at 65 for some people just isn’t doable because they have bills to still pay, houses to try and pay off before they are put in the ground.. sorry for being harsh but I want people who have a dream in mind to go for it! Don’t let the job world (which sucks in todays day and age by the way) hold you down. I’m not one to work for other people as it just annoys me everyday walking into a corporation to work for them for a measly $11.00 an hour.. if that once they take all the taxes off.. (Canadian taxes.. ugh)
People Entrepreneurs NEED to get serious about starting their business anyway they can, and if that means staying at your job for another 30 days to make sure your bills are covered and are going to be covered once you walk away from your job then thats obviously up to you and you need to look out for your finances.  Even if you make from your own business what you would normally make at a job then geez you got it good because you worked your own hours, got up when you wanted to and worked as hard as you wanted to.
Email List Lies!
Lets get started and dive right into the scary topic of Email lists, if you think you need like 5000 people on an email list to make some money your sure as hell wrong! (Honesty is the best policy ..right?) If you have 500-1000 your doing well and can make a fair amount with a webinar, a small e-book launch..etc To start growing an email list into a big list eventually because we all know things take time and it is best to gain your audiences trust first and by doing that you give away something for free… such as a pdf document on an email branding strategy or a small 3-5 day e-course via email for free on how to start a profitable blog… these are just ideas by the way. But it’s been proven that they work and it takes some hard work and dedication and if you believe you can accomplish an email list then put all that belief into your business and watch it grow.. Manifesting
Blog Layout
A well designed blog can attract a lot of visitors and even crash your website … if that happens your doing well! But P.S Upgrade your hosting… So it doesn’t happen again when you go to launch a product. The easier your blog is to read and well laid out the better chance you have of attracting more and more visitors daily.  No need to smother it in ads to try and gain some revenue.. because that won’t work! Stuck on SEO issues for your blog well heres a tip I actually recently learned is that when writing blog posts don’t put a picture first then have text, put a small description with good keywords and then put a picture and continue with your blog post, that way the google search engines can find your post better instead of being stuck with trying to crawl over a picture first then move on to the text within the post.
By making your website responsive your ensuring that it is set up for multiple devices such as mobile friendly and tablet devices too, Most visitors coming from a mobile or tablet are on the go and are most likely catching up on some missed posts and social media activity from your blog, so make sure they can read it and an access all parts of your blog comfortably with out any glitches. By adding alt text to pictures to helps with your pictures that are attached to a blog post be found before others if other ones aren’t SEO optimized and yours are.
A blog about blogging
People generally like to read posts that are helpful to their daily lives, so if you have come across something that you didn’t know how to do but now have figured it out and can give a small blog post tutorial on it then go for it, these posts are more likely to get high views. Any social media helpful hints, 10 ways to increase email traffic, or something like “epic ways to get more sales for your e-book” … Those are the types of posts that will help with your traffic over all. A blog with helpful posts and proof via analytics or google adsense for the amount of money you’ve made from selling a product and how you achieved that success.
Everyone has their own niche and how they explain their info via their blog, don’t take it personally if you spend a lot of time on a blog post and it doesnt get big views, maybe go back through and make a list of everything a blog post should contain. Such as structuring the blog post to cover certain content relating to the title,
  • catchy title
  • Does your intro have keywords in it for SEO
  •  Main points covered, long is the new short.. HINT: 1500 words
  • Alt Text for header photo SEO
  • Linked to other posts and or other bloggers blogs
  • closing statement
  • sharing buttons
  • Call to action- newsletter- email signup
These are all questions you should ask yourself when crafting a blog post. If you have ideas for products or services then go for it, no one says you need a degree to make a living from an online business. Anyone who has knowledge of a specific niche can sell products online and offer blog consulting, web design.. etc Here are a few websites that I’ve linked to, to help:
Need some tips on how to create and sell the perfect course –
Blogger templates and how to’s-

2 thoughts on “The Truth About 6 Figure Blogging

  1. I don’t know. Personally, I hate those capture emails pop ups, have tons of free tutorials up on my blog, and find that the “10 best ways to…” posts are so ubiquitous and repetitive. There must be a better way. I’ve been thinking lately that collaborations with fellow like minded bloggers might be the way to go. 😀

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  2. I really need to work on my post length… I think the longest post I’ve written is 1300 but that’s out of 62 posts… Usually they’re between 500-800 words. Grrrrr….


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