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A Bloggers Worst Fear … Failure

The big F word… FAILURE ! Let’s face it everyone is afraid of it and even me to be honest. If your brave enough to call a small piece of the internet home to your thoughts and ideas well then Well done! I salute you because i can be scary, overwhelming, nerve wrecking and exciting all at once. If you’ve taken the first step in starting a blog then your well on your way to starting something rather than nothing. I’ve had a beauty blog for about 3 years now bandits done well but it could do better, way back in 2012 I had no fear of anything I had just turned 22 and felt like I was on top of everything in life. I had a BF, money, a horse of my own and a great social life that including partying every weekend in VIP at clubs in my city. I had just left college and was on a “break” from it.. .little did I know I wasn’t going to return and for good reason.

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I had a huge interest in makeup, and beauty and everything that went along with that industry and I thought I wanted to get into doing makeup, but then realized hmmmm maybe I just like doing makeup and expressing my views about it on my blog. I learned everything there was to know about beauty, makeup, skincare, hair.. etc, I now wish I had put all that focus into my college work.. but no I was too distracted by.. boys, money, clubbing, and my horse. Well that got me no where in life, Lesson Learned!  I had started in the beginning blogging daily/weekly about new makeup products, things i was doing in life and anything else that came to mind. I had no direction other than my blogs name was “ThisGirlBeauty” I liked it, I thought it was great and would be a good blog. For me it was a creative outlet as I wasn’t an artsy type person and wasn’t photoshop inclined or anything to do with web design. I started out with , it did ok but then once I had learned some stuff about websites and web hosting I realized I needed my own domain. WOW I was getting my own website, I had asked for my moms credit card and had bought my domain and hosting and was super proud… NOW WHAT.

I kept up with blogging daily and weekly and over time I realized I needed to stick to my niche which was beauty blogging and now a wide variety of niches, once I got strict with myself and stuck to beauty blogging my traffic rose up quiet a bit. Fast forward to summer of 2014 I had moved to a new city and moved in with my dad and his girlfriend and left my friends, my horse, and everything behind. All I felt I had left was my nice SUV and my blog… I had left my job of 7 years and had gotten screwed over by not being able to transfer up to a store in my new city. So I turned to my blog and got really creative with my posts and redesigned some basic stuff on it to make it look pretty. I had no income from my blog at the time and wasn’t too concerned ,not really understanding that I could make a living from blogging. I was more focused on pumping out content weekly, I had from July 3rd to September 9th of doing nothing but hating the summer heat wave and blogging.

September 10th rolled around and I started a job after a summer of trying to find a job in the dumb.. yes dumb economy with only a high school diploma and a wanting to do my real estate license eventually. I started work on September 10th and was shocked at the 3 weeks of schedules I got… I was going to be working 21 days in a row… Oh My word! That meant no time to blog or do anything, all I was doing is work, eat, sleep…. ugh I hated it to be honest. I wish I had found a way to make some income to at least cover my bills with blogging. But working so many days in a row meant big paycheques. With little time to blog I joined some blogging networks and well was invited to a Beauty Event at Fashion Week In Toronto!!

Making No money

-Earning an income from blogging is most bloggers dream to be able to quit their corporate 9-5 that has them on their schedule and you can only take vacation when that company says so. That doesn’t fly well with me and to be honest I hate working for other people. I have my own life to live and I won’t be controlled by a corporate 9-5 job just to pay bills and take 2 weeks vacation a year and deal with all the companies BS only to retire with next to no pension and then try and survive as a senior.. Now does that sound like a good life.. NOPE I don’t necessarily need a life of luxury.. although that would be nice.

Every blogger who starts a blog either has a direction and knows what their aiming for or has no direction and is just trying to make it big. There are many ways you can make money and not FAIL at blogging. Some bloggers are pulling in any where from $500/month -$100,000 /month. Of course everyone would like to hit that 6 figure blogging income. Trust me it takes hard work to get there, There are a few ways to make money with blogging such as Ad revenue, affiliate marketing, and products/services offered by you ( the blog owner). All these are types of income that can be achieved but take hard work and lots of concentration. More on the Three Legs Of Blogging Income later

-No Traffic

Traffic is what drives income from your blog, but to get traffic to your blog to earn the income you have to be dedicated. As in very organized and structured with your blog, having a niche that your excited about and that you know about such as “ Blog about coffee” which is a very broad topic… Instead try “A blog about types of coffee and how to brew them” which is more specific. But before you start a blog map out some name ideas for the blog and then do a brain storming session of the potential content you can create for your blog topic.

A simple way to track your traffic and where its coming from is to instal google analytics.. Completely FREE! It has tons of useful ways of getting to know where and how your traffic arrives at your blog. Everyone starts out in the same spot as you with just a domain name and some web hosting.. now what. Content ..content ..content… I can’t stress that enough, its a damn good idea that before you hit that “go live button” you should have about 8-20 posts pre done and scheduled for 2-3 times a week to release. If your content is good the traffic will come… no thats not how it works.

Once you have the posts done and your set with a go live date, great some content buzz, talk about it on all forms of social media. Get people interested in what your blog is about, I will admit if you write content and just publish it and shut down your laptop and walk way and wait for 100,000 views its not going to happen. People need to hear about it and read snippets of whats to come their way and how it can help them in some form in their lives.

Wasting Time

I’ve been there and done that with the whole “wasting time” thing, I wanted to learn so much about blogging and earning an income I was so wrapped up with learning I just simply didn’t put that into action into a new blog I have. Over 3 years of blogging on a different blog I’ve come along way and have learned enough to help out others, whether its teens looking to create blogs about beauty, makeup or fashion or adults who want to start an online blog for a business, I’m Here to Help!!!

Creating a time to sit down and create content, or courses or free pdf files to grow an email lists is doing, it sure doesn’t help your traffic by wishing that your income can be the same as some big time bloggers. But it can if you put your self to work and be strict about  how much time you focus on your online business. It can pay off in the end and many others have proven that. You got to start somewhere and create , create create.!  Build .  Launch . Grow . Profit ! Is my motto to follow.

By putting yourself into action you can create a world for your self  you never imagined you could have, the job freedom, all the time to your self you want, travelling when ever you want with family or friends. Not being tied down to a 9-5 corporate job and being happy in life instead of that miserable secretary for a CEO who pulls in a 500,000 salary mean while the secretary makes $14/hour … WTF Sorry for my french but it’s true

3 thoughts on “A Bloggers Worst Fear … Failure

  1. Great post, could not agree with you more – I started blogging back in 2007 and started making a little bit of money with my back pain blog through Adsense then suddenley BOOM and the world started blogging so no more income ……. it’s dam hard work but if you love blogging and it’s in your blood you keep at it. Good luck with yours 🙂

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  2. I think having a multi topic blog is a good idea because it opens more doors for different types of readers, but it’s harder to even out the content production so it usually takes longer. Jessica Lawlor has a blog post about how she started with a book review blog then switched to a multi topic blog.


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