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An Authoritative Guide To Growing Your Social Media Audience

Everyone wants to have a big following on social media and as people will try and try to gain more followers or get more likes, but most will go about it the wrong way so here is a simple and to the point post on how to do it correctly:
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-Reach out to offline community

-Branded hash tag Instagram

-Put social profiles in emails

-Connect with the right influencers

-Conversations with in your niche

-Dedicated time to build relationships

-Recognize fans that already like your brand

An easy way to grow your social media audience is to reach out to your offline community, use your friends and family to the fullest. Meaning use them for word of mouth and helping you spread the word within their online and offline communities.

Instagram is a platform that uses pictures and to get your pictures seen by more viewers is to use branded hashtags on all photos. But don’t abuse them and use ones that are popular but not over populated because they will only get lost in the mix of the millions of others.

If you don’t have a signature in your email it is best to put in a social media profile link in all your email signatures, put one in that your use the most such as your twitter profile link or instagram…etc If you find and connect with the right influencers you will find that growing your community online for your niche is easy. It isn’t easy to get started but once you get the ball rolling you see the numbers starting growing…

Use hashtags on twitter and other platforms to find people who are talking about your brand or conversation with in your niche, keep track of what people are saying about your niche and don’t be afraid to engage with them and spread the word about your brand.

Time is everything as it will take time to build your online community and build your trust with people who are interacting with your brand. Nothing will happen over night but over time you’ll see the numbers starting growing and by having clients get to know you personally (without going too far) they’ll start to put a face to a brand and put their trust in it completely. The biggest reason why no one is seeing your blog posts or reading your tweets or buying your products/services is because they don’t have trust in the brand, they need to know what they are buying or getting into 110% before they pull out their credit cards.

If you find that fans are talking about your brand online, connect and interact with them and make it feel more personal. People like when their fav brands interact with them as it builds trust all around within your online community, even if you are a small brand that has good people talking about it that is better than 1 negative person spreading negativity.

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