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How To Build Your Coaching Business With Your Blog

Confidence NOT Cocky

By writing on the subject of your expertise and the area you specialist in is crucial to having your audience trust and believe in your skills in that area. If your speciality is email marketing then by writing blog posts, giving freebies away that all circle around that topic will build up your knowledge as a coach but also your audience will see you as an “expert “ and not just another person who enjoys talking on that subject.

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By way of a certain style of blogging such as mentioning your stats and how you increased views, income, followers etc will position you as an expert and your readers will more than likely engage with the post and they will believe in you.

Your a creative coach with a blog as a business, not a blogger who coaches occasionally

Blogging and coaching can go hand in hand but most people think of you (the blogger) as a blogger and not a coach, maybe just someone who helps people out from time to time and your a full time blogger… but you actually want things the other way around.

Your blog is your freebie for your audience and clients, they may just get hung up on all the free content and forget that your there to offer coaching as  a service. Turning a profit from blogging an be a goal but you want sales and not just tons of social media traffic that is pointless if it isn’t helping your sales. From time to time remind your audience via email, newsletters, social media.. etc that you offer coaching services for their convince and also even e-courses… etc

Your content is your freebie

There is no such thing in the blogging world as giving away too much free content as your blog validates what you know in your niche and how well you know it. It can position you as a trust expert and will help with branding yourself in that niche.

Working 1:1 with a coach/ consultant is much different than reading through articles/blog posts and trying to put  the information to good use with your online business. A fresh set of eyes on your business is a must as you may not see things a coach/consultant can pick up right away. A coach is not just someone helping you with your business or even doing it for you… clients want access to you… the coach and to make the relationship feel more personal almost like teacher /mentor to a student…

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