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5 Steps To Refresh Your Blog

Have you hit a Plateau with your views and aren’t getting anywhere with your blog? Well it might be time for a change and change can be scary for some in fear of losing readers and or their readers won’t like that new changes to the blog that they love coming to read daily. It might be hard to do but it might be necessary!
1) Remove unnecessary gadgets and ads, widgets from your sidebar, if you’ve ever visited a blog where it was just cluttered with ads and widgets saying “click here for this… “ DON’T click it, I normally just exit a blog that is over filled with ads and clutter.

Although on the other side if a blog is a newbie and by that I mean like 1-3 posts I may go through it or I might just exit it. Personally I found that if you have content created prior to launching your blog live to the public it is better for your viewers, it will make your life easier to schedule posts for 1-2X’s per week for a while if you have a bunch of content pre done.


2) Photo’s are a must as most of society is visual nowadays, we seem to like pictures and videos.. things that we can watch and or have physically proof from. Also here’s a tip I learned about basic SEO with photos, if you use the blogger platform then you can go into a photo you’ve added to a post and click on the photo and then go to properties and type in your “photo text” and “alt text” this will help with SEO for your photos to come up when people are searching for the type of posts you’ve written Don’t leave this blank

3) Change your fonts if you have many colourful fonts and or everything is different through out your blog, keep everything the same color and font that will make your blog better visually. No one likes a blog that has blue, pink and green fonts all over it. Stick to one color throughout or black is a safe bet.

4) If your blog has been the same for a few years it might be time for a change, after all change is good but some people don’t do well with it and it might be you or your audience that doesn’t like that change. so make it gradual and let your readers know about possible changes coming or do it all at once but warn your readers before hand in a post to be nice about it. Also look into new widgets and gadgets that could help your blog along, if your with word press or blogger or some other platform do some research on some plugins or gadgets that could be useful for your blog

5) Update your pages and by this I don’t mean go back through everything and re do it, but your “about me” , disclaimers, PR pages, contact me pages, social media pages.. etc any pages you have should be updated at least every 6 months to help further your blog along.

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