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Why Start A Business In Your 20’s

Entrepreneur’s can be any age and in the past few years it appears to be that people in their 20’s are starting online business and they should! It will be a very wise decision and they should act on it, if you have some college money you have left over or some cash you made while in college you can be travelling and starting a business too.
roaring 20's

Those damn commitments that you have in life as you get older,  no house, maybe a parents car so financially it’s not big commitments. If the business does crash you probably won’t have much invested and no overhead costs other than domain names and hosting. University people mostly have some fun after 4 years of schooling so it’s not like your buying a house or making big purchases.
Create long term financial stability
Blogs are building up 5-6 figure months which is un seen in the corporate 9-5 world, doubt anyone would see a 5 figure month while working in a entry level job right out of college and that is IF you can actually find one these days.  A blog can be developed into a stable ,auto-pilot business source of revenue. Entrepreneurs are taking their college fund of $100,000 and spending it on a business which is much more worth it then attending college , but please don’t let me stop you from attending Harvard but what ever your deciding to take make sure there are jobs first before you drop money on useless tuition.
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Better for you personally and adulthood
Having your own business in your 20’s will have the same risk as a business owner in their 50’s, both can be financially rewarding. If you have a small savings account to help you run your business for a while but are needing some income eventually before that account dries up, then you better get your ass out of bed early to start working  but what is awesome is that you can drink your coffee and work on your business from bed in your PJ’s.. What A Life! Running and owning your own business is going to teach you more life lessons than a job on your field that you will go to day in and day out and are given tasks to do while are all relatively the same, and you do the same boring job every day. It’ll be a learning curve from day one as in there is no manager to make sure you stay on track or no one to give you a marketing plan.. etc
Virtual -worldwide
more and more young people are into travelling young before a family and kids come along and mortgage payments and car payments. Which is a good idea because if you want you’ll be trapped and maybe not financially able to travel. It’s better to gain real life experience now rather than later when you’ll probably fall flat on your face get it now while its hot. But having the option to vacation 6 month of the year in one part of the world and the other 6 months in a home town, both can be while working on your business with a simple wifi connection and your all set.  With 5-6 figure months you can travel when ever and where ever you want to, no need to save those silly work bonus’s from your boss or extra cash from performance incentives you can book that $25,00 month long trip to Eurpoe.. WHY because you were smart and decided to start a income producing auto pilot business…
Broke college kids in their 20’s
Let’s face it college degree’s, master degree’s aren’t getting people between 20-29 a 6 figure salary… and thats not yearly.. thats monthly . What am I talking about… An online business that could earn you an easy 5 figure /month!! Working a part time job barely making a living and still living with mom and dad well thats… No Fun, having the financial freedom to travel with friends, go to dinners, buy that newest North Face Jacket that costs about $350… well this is something for you… Most college kids either make it through college or they don’t and they are in debt and can’t pay it off fast enough and that interest is building up! Car’s out of gas, loans notices are coming due, can’t pay rent and living on Ben & jerry’s… well an online business is your BEST BET and it WAS an AWESOME Decision I made.

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