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Daily Blog And Social Media Checklist

With having a background in social media and also being a #HootsuiteAmbassador I’m all about that social media and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what exactly you need to do daily to be efficient and grow your online presences with social media. Having new platforms popping up all the time I’ve created a checklist for the main platforms that you should be using and what to do with them daily.

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What I’ve Learned : 


-Post link to new blog post or an old one

-Post a question or discussion topic from your blog

-Respond to all comments/messages


-Tweet links to 3 old blog posts

-RT 5o there bloggers tweets

-Reply to any comments / tweets

-Respond to DM’s


-Share most recent blog post

– +1 to 5 other bloggers posts

-Share 2-3 other bloggers posts

-Comment on 3-5 other bloggers posts on Google+


-Pin most recent blog post

-Pin on a few of your boards + 3 other pins on other pinners boards

-Repin 10 other bloggers pictures

-Comment on 5 other pins – Rich Pins


-Choose 10 blog posts that interest you and leave good comments in different topics

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