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NEW Ebook Online E-Course

I’ve been blogging for 4 years now and am excited to get into the social media and business side of it, by creating PDF files, e-courses…etc to teach and help other bloggers what I’ve learned over 4 years. What I know now is what I wish I knew back when I started. I would of started an email list way back when and started out with a better posting schedule and more consistent in the content I was putting out.

E-course Ebook Online course

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If you want to launch an empire and earn 6 figures starting out with offering freebies on your blog is a good way to start.. sort of the only way to start actually. The idea is to build up readers trust and confidence in you as a “teacher” of their craft.

Lately I’ve had an idea to create a mini 5 day E-course on how to create an E-Book from scratch with little to no knowledge on how to do it and or no tools/resources. With many ideas floating around my head I finally played out a 5 day course that is meant to be done over the course of 5 days as not everyone can sit for 1 week and create an e-book… starting from an idea in your head to the final “Publish” button.

E-Course – Ebook Online Course

I will have more E-courses that are full courses coming soon with an emphasis on social media, as it is my background. If you have any questions about this E-book Course or just want to say hi.. please feel free to email me!

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