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Preparing Your Blog For 2016

 Blogging Trends 2016 

Predicting the future is hard to do because it is unpredictable duhh but to prepare your blog for the future is something anyone can do and everyone should do. Staying ahead of the trends makes for your blog to be read before anyone else’s, when your already on top and everyone else is trailing behind you’ll be thankful you stayed ahead of the trends.

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Some of the biggest changes in blogs are happening right now, there won’t be any more just “blogs” it’ll be “Creative coaches” and “InfoPreneurs” instead. You don’t have to change your blog to fit the trends but it would be worth it to do so in small ways that fits your niche. Some changes stick and others just fall off the face of the earth, if your blog is lacking then make a change it’ll be good for it.

Market your OWN content

Times have changed and no one is just sticking up google adsense ads or CJ ads anymore, it is a new blogging world and Bloggers  creative coaches are the new infopreneurs of todays day and age. It seems as though E-courses and worksheets are more valuable then paying $25,000 for one year of college because people have much more broad variety of knowledge then a textbook.. ever heard the term .. “Street smarts, Textbook smarts”  well Bloggers more than likely have “street Smarts” which isn’t a certain set of smarts such as textbook stuff.

More Like Business owners

Blogs won’t ever be the same anymore they are a way of bringing in a good amount of passive income and can be good money makers for people like me who aren’t so keen on corporate jobs and working the typical 9-5 job. Accountants will be involved and multiple streams of income will be a way of financial freedom for those who are focused and motivated to build their brand online. Bloggers are going at it alone now a days and cutting out sponsored content and ads and putting in their own products which can possibly bring in more income than pay per click ads.  Blog owners will be taking content marketing very seriously and will be acting similar big business, they are taking on speaking engagements and selling their own products & services.

Different types of content

Creative coaches/ infopreneurs will be offering different categories that will have different types of content to help readers navigate through all the content easily. Offering creative homework for those go getters, e-books for more in-depth info on specific topics. By adding templates to your online space you are creating a desire for readers to engage in your website even more and adding content that is worth having readers download.

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Not typical blogs

Not typical blogs anymore it is in your best interest to show what you have to offer in the form of worksheets,  templates, e-books, free PDF’s, and E-courses. In ad space on sidebars put your products on your website NOT someone else product, all these blogs popping up are looking more like business and not just fun hobby blogs. Of course there are those types of blogs out there but these aren’t the ones offering podcasts and products or services.

Build that email lists – A newsletter is your driving force behind potenial customers to purchase products/services you offer

Building up a newsletter and sending it out weekly or bi-weekly is essential now a days to bringing in pay clients, it should contain certain information pertaining to your blog and or products/services you offer. It should also contain whats coming up and keep your readers interested and waiting for whats to come such as a new E-course or some freebie’s. A blog isn’t a blog its an online business.

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3 thoughts on “Preparing Your Blog For 2016

  1. These tips will be helpful for 2016! There’s so much things to change in the way people are blogging this year. You should be ready if you want for traffic for your blog this 2016.

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