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8 Awesome Blogging Boards On Pinterest To Follow

Pinterest is a social networking website to post pins that are linked to websites with anything from helpful tips around your house or the latest smoothie recipe. It has turned out to be a fantastic library and resource for helping with blogging content. I’m still learning the pinterest world and told myself I wouldn’t get pinterest and that it was sort of Dumb Don’t hat me for that but its the truth. Make sure your following my pinterest boards for inspiration….

To start this post I’m letting you in on 8 of my FAV pinterest boards to follow for some helpful blogging tips,

Without Further Adieu  


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Erika Madden – Board –

Erika has a board for her blog specifically you should check it out, she covers many more business tips. Her boards are awesome because she adds a touch of class and smarts, also has boards specicially for social media tips and tricks. She covers Facebook marketing, how to understand email marketing, photography and graphic tips and much more

Lauren Hooker – Elle & Co –  She has a background in graphic design, loves Squarespace and is the creative entrepreneur behind Elle & Co. Her boards are great for bloggers just starting out or are looking for branding ideas, house and home decor, entertaining and yummy food recipes. Her style throughout the boards is cute and girly, the name fits the brand perfectly.

By Regina – She’s a ninja in business and an awesome blogger, she’s legendary and here to help other bloggers build up their business. Check out her home office board .. Le Swoon!  Her boards are really focused on bloggers interests and really zero’ing in on them, interested in making money blogging..well she has a board for that. Stuck on branding your business she’s got helpful tips for that too!

Noor –  If your looking for a graphic designer and web designer then this is your go to boards for inspiration! Scandinavian home decor.. ohhh I like. Beauty/ Hair or coffee and tea  it is all here.

Nectar collective –  Dreaming of building a business up from scratch and get it off the ground and earning income? This is a collection of boards to take a look at, Blogging tips, social media tips and how to be successful at becoming an entrepreneur. She loves color, corgis’ and confidences.

Sarah Morgan –  What can I say she’s an awesome blogger, a badass chick and has an amazing business. The tattoo’s and being an aireal instructor and has once ran away with the circus! It’s True! She has web design and one on one consulting for your needs, if your looking to amp up your blog she’s your go to badass Girl.

Mariah Coz – She’s your no nonsense type of girl, and an all around badass boss lady. Her freebie’s she offers are worth taking advantage of if your in a rut with your blog to get it up and where it should be. Her webinars are worth there weight in gold, check em out! If your ready to take the next step from blogger to Business owner this is your go to pinterest account.

Abby –  From her dream home boards and being brave enough to publish her income reports. I’m refs jealous she is crafty and has tons of DIY ideas, her delectable desserts are to die for, just Oogling over that board. Her “build a framework e-book and going paperless is just a small showcase of  her creative ideas,  DIY projects, organization, and random happy thoughts.

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