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Optimize Your Social Media Profiles


Optimize profile settings

A professional profile will build trust in your brand, a neat and clean profile looks good and attracting to potential customers, by having bright and an appealing profile with High Res photos uploaded in the profile display picture and  cover photo. Use cover photos to show new products or upcoming things that will be on your blog/website soon or is a new offering currently. If your using a hashtag to follow conversations put it in the cover photo to optimize the use of it on social media. If you change a picture on one platform make sure to change it on all to keep with consistency among all platforms.

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Having a bio that has precise and descriptives, with relevant keywords, when people search for your company or brand or even some of the keywords you used your bio will be the description on google, so make sure it is SEO optimized with keywords.It is to your benefit to add in your URL in your bio and even your general location, to help customers recognize your brand and where you are.

Strategic practices on twitter

By creating twitter lists you can keep track of customers and conversations with in your niche, there is the option of public or private lists.  To keep track of important customers and competitors, you should use private lists. Curated twitter lists can help you find information related to your business, you could create lists for industry influencers and another for media, and even one for your ideal customers, which can be private or public. For your employees a private list would be best, private lists are a good way to keep up with competitors without following their profile publicly.

Branded hashtags encourages the audience to interact with your brand, It helps follow the conversations and profiles. By having a favs tab it can amplify positive positive mentions of your brand and within your niche.


To have a fully professional looking profile you want to have 6 photos or videos to file the media gallery, it’ll add credibility to your profile and brand. If you have a campaign budget for twitter you can ad twitter cards to your profile to market a blog post, pictures, a file you have to offer. There are different types of twitter cards such as a “Summary Card” The Summary Card can be used for many kinds of web content, from blog posts and news articles, to products and restaurants. It is designed to give the reader a preview of the content before clicking through to your website. The App Card is a great way to represent mobile applications on Twitter and to drive installs. A big plus for a blog is a twitter button to your blog or website for customers to follow your account in one click.

Facebook pages

Profile settings

To prevent mistakes and abuse, it’s important to limit access to Facebook Page functionality to a very small group of trustworthy employees.  The Page Moderation feature is an important tool for preventing offensive and potentially embarrassing comments from finding their way on your Facebook Pages wall.  Using the Insights Tab, you can see information such as the percentage of people who like your Page for each age and gender bracket, based on the data people enter on their personal profiles.


Pin popular posts from your page to start at the top for further engagement, remember to un pin it when content changes. Make sure to monitor negative feedback to eliminate your audience reading bad reviews, You can add 3rd party apps to your page for further reach on your page. Make sure the content on the 3rd party apps matches the content on you FB page, Link your page to your page on your blog/website.

Strategic practises

On your page make sure to add at least 2 admins to the page but they must use their personal profiles to attach it, Consider how you want visitors to interact with the page,use pages to watch the competition and how they are interacting with their customers and audience.

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Profile settings

With company pages you should fill out the about area completely with keywords for better SEO, For a cover photo use high res photos and use them to mention new products, up coming events or hiring info that is relevant to the company. Add a linked in follow button to your blog or website to engage the audience to follow you and visit your profile, Make a great first impression with a professional looking page to wow the potential customers when they land on your company profile page.

Best Practises

When having employees join groups and link the company they work for on their profile , its best if they have a professional looking profile for visitors too look at and browse around on. It looks better when they have a reputable profile, Share company content on your public individual profile and also on your own networks. Start groups that are relevant to the company and it’s brand. By using showcase pages you can segment them and have  individual pages, and it works better with large audiences and bigger companies.

Instagram account 

Profile settings

in your photo spot and use a high res photo or even better your logo and make sure it fits the size for the photo, in the bio use keywords to entice people to follow you and like images on your companies account. Make sure the website link is clickable and it goes to the proper website and make sure it is yours. If you have a promotion going on then make sure the link goes to relevant landing page.

Best practises 

Instagram allows you to manually approve tagged photos so you can keep track of photos that aren’t relevant or are bad PR for your brand. By using hashtags that are good and reptuable to your brand you can ensure your company profile is found before others, have a bank of popular and unpopular hashtags in a notes app and when an app becomes to saturated try and switch to a small one and build that up. Research industry hashtags to see which are relevant and which are useless to your company for engaging customers and allowing them to find you easier.

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